Frequently Asked Questions


Q:What will I learn?


First we will brush you up on your construction math, but actually most of this is done by using aconstruction calculator. Then things start from the beginning by introducing you to blueprint reading. By the time you have completed our BP course you will be very good at both residential and commercial blueprint reading. From blueprints we will teach you how to produce detailed take offs of virtually everything on the job. There are many software programs that can produce Take Offs, although our theory is that you need to know where those quantities came from, in order to understand what the computer is producing. (We place a very high emphasis and producing Take Offs, AKA Quantity Surveys, or material lists. “If the Take Off is wrong, then the Estimate is wrong!”) This means that by the time you have completed our course you will be able to estimate nearly everything on a construction project, with the exception of electrical, mechanical and plumbing.

Project Management…

PM’s will also learn the above referenced material as well as the Critical Path Method of scheduling, also known as the CPM. This procedure is essential in understanding the scheduling process and most also be known if you are to use scheduling software.

Q: Do I need to take the entire course or can I just take what I need?

A: No, you can just take the very popular Blueprint reading course, for a very low cost. This is a great course in Residential and Light Commercial Blueprint Reading.

Q: Will this training provide me with the skills I need to move up into my company?

A: Yes. This curriculum is designed to give a graduate the Entry Level skills necessary so that an employer can train them on how they want it done. In addition, a certificate of completion from TCMI has been accepted as the equivalent to and Associates Degree in Construction Management since 1994.

Q: Will my employer possibly reimburse my tuition?

A: Many employers will reimburse, or fully fund an employee to enroll and successfully complete our training.

Q: Will this help me to become a Contractor?

A: Yes. In many states it is very easy to obtain a contractor’s license, but being able be successful in the bidding and scheduling process is not quite as easy. Therefore, our material will give a new contractor the skills needed to begin producing detailed Take Off’s, which can then be entered into computer programs, so that they can be competitive contractors.

Q: Will this help me brush up my skills?

A: It all depends on your present skill level. If you are a contractor that is self taught and has never really learned how do produce detailed Take Offs and use estimating and scheduling software, then this is the course for you. If you have been an estimator for many years, can produce these Take Offs, use the computer and perhaps already have college background in construction management, then this is probably a bit redundant to you.

Q: Can I use my VA benefits for tuition?

A: Originally, TCMI was VA approved, although now that the tuition is very below the minimum fee necessary for VA approval, we no longer carry their approval. Never the less, we are offering a sponsorship program, which will although a Veteran enrollment to take the course for free. This is a wonderful career for Veterans and employers will usually seek out Veterans because they realize the efficiency and dependability that comes with an Honorably Discharged Veteran. In addition, this career is high paying and in high demand. Please visit or VA website too at www.veterantraining.com for further contact information.

Q: Do I need experience in the construction industry?

A: No, there is no question that some kind of construction experience will be beneficial in both completing the curriculum and securing employment, but many of my students and successful, working, graduates, have No Experience in the industry at all. In other words “You don’t need to know how to build it, to know how much it costs to build it,” but it sure helps. It is especially helpful to have experience if enrolled in our distance Education course, but once again not a requirement.

Q: Do I need computer experience to take this course?

A: No. It is not required to have computer background to take this course, but it is helpful and we recommend to first learn your own operating system, then MSWord and Excel are common software programs used in this industry.

Q: Can I use this to train an employee?

A: This is perfect material to offer a good employee that you may be thinking about moving up in your company. Many employers pay the total tuition for an employee so long as that employee maintains a pre-approved GPA and does not fall behind in the curriculum.

Q: How does this curriculum compare to a college or university Construction Management Course?

A: This curriculum was developed by people from the construction industry and we do not teach “Theory”. Everything we do is “Hands On” and taught by people from the construction industry. In addition, many contractors have stated that they felt the graduates of our program are “over qualified” as entry level personnel. It does not keep our graduates from securing employment, but they are so pleased with their new staff, they often return many more times over the years to hire more graduates as their company grows.

Q: Will TCMI help me find a job?

A: As a graduate of our complete programs, you will be exposed to the many contractors from all over the country who seek our graduates, although we do not offer specific placement services at this time.

Q: What other types of careers are available to TCMI graduates?

A: Many job titles are available to our graduates once they have completed our course of instruction. The courses have specific Job Titles, but in reality our graduates have secured entry level jobs as Quantity Surveyors, Construction Administrators, Schedulers, Construction Managers, Engineers and many more.

Q: How is Distance Education instruction delivered?

A: The Online courses are an exact duplicate of the original On Campus Construction Estimator / Project Manager course, although the instruction is conveniently delivered via online videos of our instructors and text books. Instead of a 16 week program, we call it 16 lessons. We know how much material an average student can complete in one week, so we now call the week a lesson. This means that a student may take 2 weeks to complete 1 lesson as they work on their own time, although this format has the benefit of being completed ahead of schedule because some students work on the material 7 days a week. . The videos walk you through the entire course and any time you get stuck, just pick up a phone, or send us an e-mail and we will return your call/e-mail the same day, or within one working day.

Q: How much does it cost? (Books and Tools are not included, but the list will be available for you to locate online the best prices you can find, because there are many ranges.)

A: Our Online Estimator/Project Manager course tuition was originally $4,975. Now that we have become a virtual campus, drastically reduced the overhead, we are offer the same course to Veterans for only $495.00 and Private enrollee’s for only $795. These programs are compared to two years of college education, although the tuition is much less than the total cost of attending college and can easily be funded with a Credit Card. Unfortunately, because of the low cost, we are no longer approved by any state agency. Although our 20 reputation, speaks volumes to the quality of the curriculum and the value of the certificate.

Q: What if I can’t finish the course, is there a refund provision?

A: TCMI staff will always do their best to keep a student motivated and on track, although occasionally an enrollee must withdrawal from the program and requests a refund. If this happens, TCMI will refund tuition based upon the remaining amount of unused curriculum if there is more than 30% of the course remaining incomplete.

Q: What are the financing options?

A: Because of the very low cost of the courses, we offer few financing options at this time.

1. Tuition can be paid with most major credit cards.

2. You can make several payments throughout your training, contact the school for information.

3. Veterans can apply for sponsorship through the sponsorship link on our website.

Q: How long will it take to complete the training?

A: Our Online program can be completed in 16 weeks or less, but often can take as long as 6 months.

Q: I’m an injured worker; can this help me into a new career?

A: This is a great opportunity to start a new career in a industry that is growing, stable and providing high salaries. Construction Management has been thriving for many years and due to the national tragedies caused by recent storms, the industry is in even a higher demand for people with ANY skills in the construction industry.

Q: Is this a good career for a High School Graduate?

A: Even though most contractors consider maturity as an asset to be a Construction Manager, the need for people with these skills is in such high demand that employers are interviewing anyone with entry level skills. We do have some very good success stories from our younger graduates, especially if the graduate is going to work for someone they know who owns or represents a construction company, like a parent, friend or relative. In other words “Yes”, a determined and tenacious High School Graduate can be successful in this career.